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Golden Integrity Home Inspections

Isaiah came to us wanting to launch his new home inspection business. Isaiah wanted clean and simple designs that his clients could easily associate with his professionalism and quality work. We set up an initial meeting to go over color scheme and designs that Isaiah was wanting. After designing his logo and finding the aesthetic he wanted to created, we started to design his website. 

The first step in designing the website was to explain domains, website hosts, website builders, etc. We made sure Isaiah had a firm understanding in the process. Once a domain and web host was chosen, we begun to design his website. We met with Isaiah making sure the website was to his liking. We designed the website to show Isaiah's quality work and professionalism. After designing the Golden Integrity Home Inspection website, we thoroughly explained the ins and outs of how to use the new website.

Click the picture above to check out more of Isaiah's website.

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