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A Sense of Eden (Bridgewater, PA)


Debbie reached out to us because she was looking to increase her social media presence. She wanted to attract a younger crowd, while keeping her current clientele engaged. She also wanted to attract young cosmetologists who were looking for a career. Currently, the business was posting once every two weeks if that.


After taking in Debbie's notes and requests, we created a personalized social media plan that would fit her goals and needs. After only 4 months, we increased her following, her likes went from 12 to 150, and we created reels/short videos with three of them receiving over 30,000 views. 

Not only did we reach Debbie's goals in the first few months, but we also increased the morale throughout the salon. Her clients enjoyed watching the funny videos and easy hair tutorials that they could perform at home. Her employees bonded over making relatable content together that made them laugh. 

We would love to give you a free quote on how we can grow your business through social media!

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